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Hello, Moin, 안녕!

Hi, my name is Sanghee Park, a Germany-based UX designer from South Korea.

Coming from the head house of Park of Suncheon, a royal consort clan with a history of over a thousand years, the ancient tradition and Korean ethos have been one of my fountains of inspiration for designing.

I believe that culture and design are closely interwoven and need to be seen in conjunction with each other.

Therefore juxtaposing the most progressive ideas with traditions and bringing diverse ethos closer to each other in a respectful way are my favourite moments in design process.

My emphasis is on interaction between human and artificial environment and cross-cultural design.

With my multi-directional mindset acquired through long residencies in foreign lands, I very much enjoy looking for design solutions that fit into a global perspective.

This ability, along with my discreet analytical spirit, allows me to find truly user-centred solutions by discovering unacknowledged values and underlying desires of the users.

I learn from and carry on the heritage of mankind's past, live the present, read and design the future.

Sometimes I wander to the Jungjong Coup where the new king was crowned after the old fell, or to the event horizon of our neighbour black hole Cygnus X-1 and get greatly inspired by the immensity of time.

I like piano, sushi, chanterelle and telescopes.



IF Design Award | Winner, Professional Concept, 2022 ➤

German Design Award | Nominee, Newcomer, 2023

UX Design Award | Silver prize, New Talent Award, 2022 ➤

ADC Talent Award | Bronze, 2022 ➤

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Sponsorship award HAWK Hildesheim | Nominee, 2021

Full scholarship Incheon National University(INU) | Excellent foreign language speakers TOEIC 965, 08.2017

60% scholarship INU | excellent students, 01.2017

Full scholarship INU | The top student, 08.2013

Full scholarship INU | The top student, 01.2013

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 MHP - A Porsche Company

UX Design Consultant


December 2021 - Now 


Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaft und Kunst (HAWK)
Master in UX Design

Germany, 2018 - 2021

Incheon National University (INU)
Bachelor in Product & UX Design

South Korea, 2011 - 2017


Georg-August University of Göttingen

Bachelor in Art History and East Asian Studies

Germany, 2014 - 2016



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